Tuesday, March 21, 2006

illustration friday...feet

this is my first entry for illustration friday.
i know its not technically 'feet' but it is a foot, well a bit of one.
its carved on speedball carving eraser...which u can get in the u.k. [and everywhere] now but if ur in th u.k. its quicker to get the stuff from the blade store in london.

morihei ueshiba

this is a woodcut of 'morihei ueshiba' the founder of aikido. he was very calm and always smiling. it's taken from a book my boyfriend has and it was meant to be for his birthday card but i messed up the varnish then didn't print it until yesterday[his birthday was in february].


this was drawn on my wall [naughty!] when i got troubled after watching a programme about old people being treated badly by carers...i'd been listening to 'yoshimi battles the pink robots part 2' a lot as well so i named her yoshimi.


i made this a few years ago [2 or 3], it was a project 'for' greenpeace[they didn't know about it] about deforestation and how people like the ones at ronald's work cut down old growth trees in the rainforest and push people out of their homes permanently to instead put methane producing cows there for a little while. is that sensible?

buy fair trade!

this is an atc made for a 'carving consortium' swap in january. i used watercolour pencils for the background and a computer to get the text,transferred it to eraser, then carved it.

mE the bear

this is an atc that was made for a 'carving consortium' swap this january as a 'hi' to my group.
i drew the bear [as well as some others] in the pub with my boyfriend and some random guy he'd made friends with [he does that in pubs].
then i made it into a rubber stamp, stamped it and coloured it with caran d'ache.

woman's face

this is a lino cut i did about two or three years ago for a project i was working on. thanks to nichola charvis for helping lots!