Friday, July 27, 2007 first sock!

i started my first sock today!
ppl kept puttin me off sayin that u have to make them out of wool[NOT VEGAN] or they'll lose their shape,blah.
so i found this pattern in th last issue[11] of knit simple mag for a lacy pair of socks made from yummy vegan 4ply cotton,which i had in my stash already,deadly!
AND in this months theres a pattern for spiral socks that dont have all that heel turnin business so if i get to th heel and cant go on[but i will, i want to b a sock maker!] i can make them AND theryre in dk[stash busting!].

Sunday, July 22, 2007

excitin cyclin!

lots of whistling when we went to town today, then sirens, then fast cars, then....lots and lots of bikes

veg food...

we've been eating a lot a rice lately...g says th last one looks like prison food with garnish but it was very nice.