Monday, August 20, 2007


so no pics coz it ent workin,heres what i've been at...

my mom an gary came over and we went to see about a million things in ireland!but i did get a nice new cardi out of it;~) and gary helped fix th heating and dishwasher[cleaner kitchen].

BUT they did get ribs in their non vegan take-away and left them for me to clean up officially making them th worst guests ever[despite their pluses] and forcing us[tho we shoulda done it much sooner,we just havent had to till now]to ask everyone who stays to not kill or eat dead things in our house, if they absolutely HAVE to they can go elsewhere....can u tell im remembering those bones,yuk.

hooch isnt well, we think he might have some muscle wasting disease coz th muscle on th left side of his head has disappeared and he was drooling a lot th other day[puddles of it]...i gave him a crochet blanket that he seems to really like.

i made my first cables!made a scarf[dunno y i hate making them]forced myself to finish it and when i get some cash i'll send it to scottish grandma to keep her lovely neck warm[she used to knit for me when i was little but has arthritis now so we cant knit together;( ]

i bought 3 big jumpers in a secondhand shop[gasp i found one, theyre a bit sparse in ireland!].they were bought to unravel for yarn but th one i thought was th most hideous[turquoise chenille] ive worn for th past week[thats not th scumiest i can get...]so ive bonded with it now and it will only get th frogging treatment if it get a big hole.
anyway i did frog one and got 550g of chunky green cottonyarn out of it and i weighed it and its about a gram per metre so i have enough to make a green top out of th first s'n'b book[at th back she's holding needles i think]

hmmn what else?

my mom sent me a package with another top in it...very nice of her!good package sending;)

um...nothing much else worthy of writng here[not to imply that this is of course]

oh i got a book today that we cant afford but its about trees!the secret life of trees i think its called...secret life of trees!yeah i know i was suckered in by their clever marketing speak and pretty green illustration on th front but i DO like trees and it seems pretty good.

oh that reminds me i finished crime and punishment[finally,though i did lose it for a while in a bag i decided not to use anymore]it is so very good and a very readable russian novel, although that sounds like an oxymoron trust me it is truth that i speak.

and th sock was unravelled an started again and then shelved but its still got its own bag so i still want to finish it.

watched some movies...v for vendetta[again coz its so good!],die hard 4[he's old enough to b ur grandad but u still would!],simpsons movie,angel-a[so so so good go buy it now,got th guy from amelie in it],Regular Lovers (Les amants réguliers)[it went on for a very long time and then th end made me so sad in my chest,but that might've been th mood that made it seem to go on i think it was about 3hrs,good tho,interesting and th lead guy francois is easy on th eye],walmart[why would anyone work for them?]

made some baby things for someone my mom works with,only a hat an some bootees out a that blue fluffy yarn but they were my first baby things ever;)

and im having another one of those 'what do i do with my life' crisis type situations...ive even been considering th anti-tree career of me.