Sunday, April 30, 2006

list friday...10 jobs i'd like to try

okay here r my 10 jobs for list friday in no particular order of importance...

01. be a member of a rollerderby! yeah!i love rollerskates and rollerskating[although i am scared of stopping??]so i think it would b cool to be fearless and be in a pro team [maybe lady die's team...there was a cool article on her in issue 10 of herbivore magazine]yeah it would b cool to not b scared of falling over and breakin urself...why do ppl get this when they get older?

02.professional kite pilot. my boyfriend just bought me a kite[fanks hon!xx].i think its a beginner one of th type that u take off with.ive wanted to do this for about 10 yrs after seein it on now i have one so i gotta get good so i can pretend im in a miyazaki movie and just fly away...really id like to be paid to fly about.

03.grow my own fruit & veg and sell it. all part of bein self sufficient and helpin ppl get their vitamins and minerals.

04.professionally paid artist that has made it selling carved prints & wares & sewn goods. it would b nice to have made it and continuously sell handmade things.

05.professional musician. this is from when i was younger and played th violin and thought i wanted to make it and play in a big famous orchestra and teach music when i wanted to settle down because th jet-set lifestyle of th world's greatest violinist was just not doin it for me anymore. i thought that now this would apply to playin my ukulele professionally as well as th violin...

06.tree planter. they give u yummy oxygen!yum air! and how fun would that b!plantin, diggin, maybe travel th world planting rare trees or even just more trees, th u.k. used to b one big forest, trees everywhere, now where r they?i think we should all put them back....?

07.bicycle courier. helpin ppl give gifts and presents and stuff and gettin paid for it AND bein good to th planet and bein all fit and healthy.

08.own and run a vegan cafe with lovely big couches that ppl could read or draw or paint on all day & we'd have lots a chocolate cake & brownies made from isa's recipe coz they r th best brownies ive ever tasted!seriously click here for th recipe and make them urself!and listen to their theme tune it really does stay in ur head forever...and we would serve hot chocolate and lots of yummy home grown and organic food.and there would be a gallery and stuff to buy and maybe art supplies...maybe i should have a gallery with a cafe in it??

09.teach an art class maybe about how to carve, especially erasers coz its so easy and useful and every1 should try me, , if u would like to do an art swap, ATCs maybe?or just a fun package of stuff like hand-made stationary, softies, dunno what else... people who need it in this country and others. it would b cool to do this full time as a job!

i also had carpenter on th list but realised that i believe in planting trees and thats when i came up with tree planter.