Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some of my week

this is our neighbours' dog 'hooch'.he lets himself in th house if th back door is open and has perfected th sad "dont u love me???" look if we ask him to leave, dont constantly pet him or dont let him in...but he's so lovely.

new babies!
so exciting!
cant remember what they r just now but its exciting, been liberating a lot of plants lately and they all seem to b doin quite well, but these r from seeds so its a nice surprise when they sprout.
bear keys r th best keys!finally got a key cut yesterday and they had this panda one!i now like pandas, AND they've been reclassified as bears[obviously this makes them cool].
th old man got me these th other day [so lovely:) ] but there was no label in th pot...any ideas what they are?

oh yeah and i've been knitting...
these r jus some quick hand warmers made in velvet touch from peter pan[i think] but i'm not sure i'll keep them, even though they're super soft and lovely, i've already frogged them about 4 times tryin to get th size.
i've also been tryin to make a little capelet [from snb nation] and bein vegan an usually a little poor [not related except when making lots of cakes] i always substitute yarns from patterns for animal friendly ones that r in my stash, anyway i frogged it about 4 times too due to bad choice of yarn and th last time was th furthest id got then i realised id made a mistake th whole way through [put a yf after th sl2 instead of leaving it didnt say to so y did i think i knew better??]i think it woulda been okay but i think i secretly like ripping work out too[may explain my lack of f.o.s].

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