Wednesday, May 10, 2006

illustration friday fat...erykah badu [phat]

this is my entry for fat...erykah badu with her fat hair, made up of treble biro on paper.

free [ish] business card

i got some free[ish] business cards from vistaprint[link for them is to th side].i had to pay for postage, understandable since they r based in belgium i think. i chose a design with lots of blank space so i could print my own work on th card[bear was handcarved and stamped on by me...have lost it now...where can it be?].i would change some of th details should i do it again but at least i got to find out for cheap!...oh yeah they bug u a LOT with 'offers' they have for u so it might b a good idea to use an email address that u dont mind gettin junk sent to.

woman # 2

this woman is also from an old sketchbook for a project about family [ish], read th bluest eye by toni morrison for th project so it wunt that sweet...
think i used a toothpick with indian ink on paper from a muji sketchbook[theyre great!]


this was also found, scanned from an old sketchbook for a femme fatale project...she looks like shes got a lazy eye, but its a reminder that i kno that colour exists!


i just found this on th comp it was scanned from an old book[coupla yrs ago?]think it was meant to b talib kweli [hehehe is it tho is it?] just remindin myself that i have drawn b4...seem to have artist's block at th mo;¬(

edm # 24...fruit [oranges for rebecca]

i had to sit for what seemed like ages to draw this, u can tell i couldnt really b bothered after a while i just wanted to eat th bag of oranges! g made me carry on till i was finished or i wasnt allowed the oranges!